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ShadowDrag Token is the visionary force fusing fantasy and
pioneering technology, revolutionizing blockchain gaming in an
unprecedented era of innovation.

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ShadowDrag: Gaming's Innovation Epoch

ShadowDrag Token heralds a new epoch in gaming, merging imaginative realms with groundbreaking blockchain technology, setting a bold precedent for innovation in the gaming sphere.

As a pioneering catalyst, it redefines the landscape where fantasy and cutting-edge advancements collide.

reasons to Choose Us

Community Rewards

Earn tangible rewards for gaming skills within ShadowDrag Token's vibrant community.

Play-to-Earn Leader

Turn gaming success into financial gain, pioneering the play-to-earn concept.

Secure Innovation

Innovative tech on a secure blockchain assures fair play and asset safety in ShadowDrag Token's ecosystem.




Token Info

Token Type: BEP-20
Token Name: ShadowDrag
Token Symbol: $DRAG
Total Supply: 5,000,000,000

Token Distribution

89.7% burned
0.3% presale
10% liquidity

Token Taxes

50% Tax burn
3% Buy tax
6% Sell tax

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